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Compliance Managers

Industry Areas

  • Federal Executive Branch (OES Designation)
  • Management of Companies and Enterprises
  • Local Government (OES Designation)

Day-to-Day Tasks

  • Maintain documentation of compliance activities, such as complaints received or investigation outcomes.
  • File appropriate compliance reports with regulatory agencies.
  • Conduct or direct the internal investigation of compliance issues.

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Workweek Breakdown

The hours worked per week by people currently pursuing this career.

Pie Chart Representing the section data
  • 3.71% (0-20 Hours)
  • 4.76% (21-34 Hours)
  • 3.21% (35-39 Hours)
  • 53.09% (40 Hours)
  • 6.80% (41-49 Hours)
  • 28.44% (Over 50 Hours)

This data also pertains to Compliance Managers

Type of Work

The level of day-to-day involvement with data, people or things.

Data: High
People: High
Things: Low

Skills at a Glance

The levels of different skills helpful in this career.

Verbal skills: High
Critical Thinking & Problem Solving: High
Equipment Operation & Maintenance: Low
Math & Science Skills: Low
Technology Design & Control: Low
Leadership: High

Workplace at a Glance

The level of different environmental factors you would experience on the job.

Responsibility: High
Exposure to Job Hazards: Medium
Physical Activity: Medium
Decision Making: High
Repetitiveness: Medium
Level of Competition: Medium
Time Pressure: Medium

Business Breakdown

The different sectors people in this career currently work in.

Pie Chart Representing the section data
  • 60.20% (Private For-Profit)
  • 4.33% (Private Not For-Profit)
  • 9.37% (State and Local Govt)
  • 7.04% (Federal Government)
  • 19.06% (Self-Employed)

This data also pertains to Miscellaneous Managers, Including Funeral Service Managers And Postmasters And Mail Superintendents

Data supplied by: Bureau of Labor Statistics, National Center of Education Statistics, Defense Manpower Data Center
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