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Police Patrol Officers

Industry Areas

  • Local Government (OES Designation)
  • State Government (OES Designation)
  • Federal Executive Branch (OES Designation)

Work Environment*


Law enforcement and security specialists in the military work both indoors and outdoors depending on their assignment. They may work outdoors while conducting investigations or patrolling facilities.

Workweek Breakdown

The hours worked per week by people currently pursuing this career.

Pie Chart Representing the section data
  • 0.76% (0-20 Hours)
  • 0.56% (21-34 Hours)
  • 2.55% (35-39 Hours)
  • 73.25% (40 Hours)
  • 9.12% (41-49 Hours)
  • 13.77% (Over 50 Hours)

This data also pertains to Police Patrol Officers

Business Breakdown

The different sectors people in this career currently work in.

Pie Chart Representing the section data
  • 0.30% (Private For-Profit)
  • 83.53% (State and Local Govt)
  • 16.16% (Federal Government)

This data also pertains to Police Officers

Military Breakdown

The number of people who currently hold this career in the Military.

48,526 Police Patrol Officers in the military

Data supplied by: Bureau of Labor Statistics, National Center of Education Statistics, Defense Manpower Data Center
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