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Sports Medicine Physicians

Industry Areas

  • Offices of Physicians
  • General Medical and Surgical Hospitals
  • Federal Executive Branch (OES Designation)

Work Environment*

Workweek Breakdown

The hours worked per week by people currently pursuing this career.

Pie Chart Representing the section data
  • 1.96% (0-20 Hours)
  • 6.16% (21-34 Hours)
  • 2.41% (35-39 Hours)
  • 32.95% (40 Hours)
  • 5.32% (41-49 Hours)
  • 51.20% (Over 50 Hours)

This data also pertains to Sports Medicine Physicians

Business Breakdown

The different sectors people in this career currently work in.

Pie Chart Representing the section data
  • 40.01% (Private For-Profit)
  • 22.71% (Private Not For-Profit)
  • 7.74% (State and Local Govt)
  • 4.04% (Federal Government)
  • 25.50% (Self-Employed)

This data also pertains to Physicians And Surgeons

Data supplied by: Bureau of Labor Statistics, National Center of Education Statistics, Defense Manpower Data Center
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