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Most clinical, counseling, and research psychologists need a doctoral degree. Psychologists can complete a Ph.D. in psychology or a Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) degree. A Ph.D. in psychology is a research degree that culminates in a comprehensive exam and a dissertation based on original research. In clinical, counseling, school, or health service settings, students usually complete a 1-year internship as part of the doctoral program. The Psy.D. is a clinical degree and is often based on practical work and examinations rather than a dissertation.

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Military Training

No initial job training is provided for officers in this occupation. Advanced courses are available in some specialties.

Certifications or Licenses

In most states, practicing psychology or using the title of 'psychologist requires licensure or certification. In all states and the District of Columbia, psychologists who practice independently...

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General Qualifications

Analytical skills. Psychologists must be able to examine the information they collect and draw logical conclusions from them. Communication skills. Psychologists must have strong communication skills...

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