Farmers, Ranchers, and Other Agricultural Managers

Nationwide Salary Range for 2013

The typical amount of money people make in this career. Salaries above $187,200 are displayed as "> $187,200."

Civilian Salary Range:

Civilian Percentiles

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Civilian Historical Salary

Nationwide Historical Salary Average*

*The amount of money people made in this career over the past five years. Salaries above $187,200 are displayed as '> $187K.'

Civilian Historical Salary:

Civilian Historical Salary

Military Historical Salary:

Military Historical Salary

Statewide Historical Salary Average*


What makes up a civilian salary?

Civilian salaries include a lot more than just base pay.
They also may offer:

  • Commissions/Tips
  • Incentive Pay
  • Cost-of-Living Allowances
  • Longevity Pay


States: CA: $93,630, NY: $92,950, PA: $83,670, WI: $83,380, FL: $75,960, WA: $74,440, MI: $73,480, OR: $73,260, ND: $71,900, TX: $70,460, AR: $69,590, IA: $66,410, IN: $65,610, KY: $65,150, IL: $64,810, AZ: $64,800, ID: $63,620, NE: $62,120, OH: $61,620, MO: $57,890, NM: $50,810, OK: $49,390, MS: $47,270, TN: $37,460,
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Highest Paying Cities for This Career

Los Angeles-Long Beach-Santa Ana, CA $92,890
Data supplied by Bureau of Labor Statistics, National Center of Education Statistics, Defense Manpower Data Center. (View our update schedule). Contact any business, college or military service branch to answer additional questions.