Careers - Tools & Checklists

Résumé Builder

Before you get a job, you need to write a résumé. The Résumé Builder guides you through the process and allows you to create your résumé online.

Résumé Examples

Some résumé formats will suit your work experience better than others. Learn more about the three main types of résumés to find which style is right for you.

Checklist: Tips for Successfully Wrapping up an Interview

Knowing how to successfully "close" or wrap up an interview can be the difference between getting a job and getting overlooked.

Checklist: Job Search

When it comes to finding (and hopefully landing) the right job for you, you want to make sure you're addressing every aspect of a thorough job search.

Checklist: Building a Career Network

Learn how to network in-person and online so you can meet people who can help you get your next job.

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