College - Articles & Advice

Planning For College

College planning can start as early as your freshman year of high school, but there are things you can do as late as your senior year to help. Learn more here and get on the right track.

Taking College Entrance Exams

SAT. ACT. GED. It might feel like three little letters determine your future, but with good preparation you can ace your exams. Check out this article before hitting the books.

Choosing a College

From major to campus to tuition cost, many factors determine which school is right for you. Here you can learn about different types of schools and figure out what you need from your college experience.

The College Application Process

Applying to colleges can seem like a massive effort, but if you break it down into steps it's a lot easier to manage. Get organized with these tips and get ready to make a decision.

Paying For College

Now that you're in, how are you going to afford the next few years? From loans to scholarships to savings plans, this advice will help you figure out how to pay for your education.

Paying for Two-Year Colleges and Trade Schools

With a little research about how two-year colleges and trade schools operate, you'll improve your chances of finding a quality education at a fair price.

Campus Life

Attending your first year of college presents all kinds of new experiences: living away from home, meeting new people, doing your own laundry.

Going to Graduate School

If you want an education beyond a bachelor's degree, this overview offers advice on how to apply and how to pay for graduate school.

Serving in the Military can help pay for college
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